When pricing your home, several things must be taken into consideration.  Your Realtor can guide you on what your home is valued at and what price will help it sell.  One of the factors in pricing your home is the appraisal.  Other factors are location, condition,  and foreclosures.  Something else to consider when pricing your home is what type of market you are in.  Is it a buyers market or a sellers market?  Your agent can help you look at all the options and price your home accordingly. In about 2 weeks, you should have some feedback from showings to determine what buyers and other agents are thinking.  Is it priced right?  How does the price compare to similar homes you are competing with?  Is the kitchen outdated?  This information can help you and your Realtor determine if changes are needed.  Remember, this is a business transaction and just another step toward your goal.

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