Making the offer—Congratulations! You have found the home for your welcome mat. It’s time to make an offer. How does this work? What’s the right price? Our agents can help calm your anxiety. We will meet with you. Listen to what you would like to offer. Your offer may include asking the seller to pay your closing cost and prepaid items. Give you some comparable home sale purchases in the neighborhood to help gauge whether the asking price and offer are reasonable for the area. We will complete the contract with you and present it to the listing agent or owner. We are here to negotiate on your behalf and want to remain in constant communication with you. Our goal is to make this potentially bumpy road in your journey a smooth ride. We are the extra set of ears and eyes for you when working through one of largest transactions of your life. We are the extra set of lungs and legs to yell and jump when your offer is accepted.

Next to follow…The contract is accepted…now what?