You are now ready to sell your home, but the BIG question is, Is your home ready to be seen?  The following is a guide to help you help your house get ready for showings.

Does your house have curb appeal? Trimming shrubs and bushes, adding a touch of colorful flowers and tidying up the yard can add tremendous appeal to a buyer.

Does your front entrance stand out?  Remember first impressions are important.  Make sure light fixtures and doorbells are working.  Sweep front entrances and sidewalks.  Check to make sure the paint looks fresh.

​Do I have clutter in the house or outside? The items in your house are important to you, but a buyer needs to see themselves in this home.  Box the items/clothes that you do not use on a daily basis and store neatly in the garage or storage building or away from the property.  Let buyers visualize their belongings in the space.

​Is my plumbing working correctly?  Check for leaking faucets or clogged drains. Today’s buyers want move-in ready.

​Does my house smell like pets?  You love your pet, but some buyers may not be so friendly or they may have allergies.  Pet odors can be a turn off for potential buyers. Keep litter boxes clean and out of site.  Remove hair from furniture and floors.  Keep your fury friend in one room during showings or take them with you.  Their cute faces can be distracting for buyers.

​Does your furniture fit the space?  When staging your house for showings, you want to maximize your space.  Make sure that large furniture is removed or rearranged to show off your rooms.  Give rooms a purpose.  Too many room functions may confuse a buyer. ​

There is a lot to do when getting your house ready for the sale, but remember your goal.  Visualize the SOLD sign in your yard!

**Coming soon—What improvements will yield my biggest return?