Assessing My Needs—Hello.  So, you are thinking about making a purchase?  This can be a very confusing and overwhelming time, however, remember that you are in charge.  What things will suit your wants and needs?  It’s time to make some lists and decide what is important to you.  First, think about what are some necessities of your purchase.  What things can you absolutely not compromise on?  Then, make some lists of some things that you want.  Is it an extra large master closet, or large yard for the dog to run in?  This will help you in your search for the perfect home that is right for you.  Some things to consider are, 

What is your comfort payment?

Do I want/need a ranch or multi-level living?

How many bedrooms?

How many bathrooms?

Is a family room important to me?

Do I want/need a formal living room?

Do I want/need an eat-in kitchen?

Do I want/need a garage and if so, how many cars?

Should my master bedroom be on the 1st floor?

Do I need/want a storage building?

Should my purchase be move in ready?

Once you have thought about your wants and needs and have an idea of what will work for you, then you can move onto the next step of the process—Searching for a home.  More to come soon!!