Ready to list? Ask the professionals – Carolyn Spicuzza, Kyna Baehr or Mike Zelena.  Meet with several companies and compare what they have to offer.  Commissions may be a set fee or range from 4-6% of the sale price, ours is always a set fee.  Check to see if your Real Estate Company or Realtor is a member of the Board of Realtors.  Look at their experience.  This is a huge transaction that you are about to enter into.  You want to feel comfortable that the Realtor you choose to list one of your biggest assets with will be able to service you throughout the entire transaction.  Check references and read testimonials. Be sure you are dealing with a full time agent. Many work another job and only sell real estate part time. Make sure you are comfortable with your decision and feel comfortable asking questions.  The Realtor or company you choose will form a partnership with you in achieving your goals.​

**Coming soon – How do I determine the price for my house?